Saturday, November 05, 2005

Al Gore: Change Password

Scientists just discovered a third type of weed. Science is cool. Just gotta get glaucoma. Wonder if I can get that from Global Warming. //Hope so!// I didn't write that. Bill, get off the keyboard. //No!// Yes. //Say please// Please. //No!// Damn you little&^)_{quit:qshift-z-zexit&*___

Some fancy re-porters are sayin' I may Challenge Hillary in '08. Man, I ain't goin' up against that biatch. Y'all don't know it, but she's got cyborg parts. //Besides who would want to vote for old, fat, ugly me!!! AL BORE!! HAHA!!// BILL GET OFF THE COMPUTER! I'M CHANGING MY VNC PASSWORD!!

It's me again. Over the years Hillary's radiation leak has made the man insane. It's sad really... but in a really funny ha-ha way. And that red nose! That's what the buddaists call karma chameleon, but we tennesseeianites call humorous. Big ol' red nose. Har!


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