Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Al Gore: Fermat's Last Theorem

So this weekend I was reading Diophantus by Pierre de Fermat, when I stumbled on a comment that he had found a truly marvelous math proof which the margin was too small to contain. I spent this weekend, solving it, but now, I can proudly say that I've solved Fermat's Last Theorem:
                  _              _
Let X = 0.99. So 10X = 9.99.
_ _
From this I derive that 10X - X = 9X = 9.99 - 0.99 = 9
Thus, 9X = 9, and finally, that X = 1, not 0.99!
Previous proofs were very indirect, dealing with the Taniyama-Shimura conjecture. I decided however to tackled the problem head-on.


Anonymous said...

That wasn't his last theorem,
a^n+b^n=c^n is only true when n=2

6:40 PM  

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