Sunday, November 20, 2005

Susan Sarandon: Horoscope, Appointments, Flowerpower Rules!

Today I got my personalized online horoscope, to start my day off right/light/tight/outttofsightttttt! Wheeee!!!

    You are a natural diplomat, reasonable, tolerant, fair, always willing to listen to varying viewpoints, and ready to see the other side of an issue. Serious, disciplined, and quietly ambitious, you are driven to prove yourself and to achieve material accomplishments and success. Your work, your position in the world, and your contributions to society are very important to you.

And what do you know! President Al Gore and Speaker of the House Sean Penn called me this morning! Can a girl dream! Yes, twinkle toes! My nightly moonbeam confessionals seemed to have worked!! WHEEEE! I've been appointed Vice-President of the United States!! WHEEE!!! Take that Junta Cheney! Time for Sherry!


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