Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Al Gore: Band Camp

Today I went to the New Upstate New York New-Age Camp (NUNYNAC) in the woods. We studied Ying/Yang, iChe, meditation, and live organism yogurts. Some in attendence lit incense, although I did not inhale. The giftshop had crystals and the missing Kitaru Live album I'd been searching for. Kitaru is a man on fire! I've now completed my Kitaru, John Tesh, Yanni, and Kenny G collections. In the afternoon, we spent 2 hours chanting and meditating. My favorite mantra we used was "Ho, Ho! Ho, Ho! Global Warming has got to go!" I really feel that our energy made a difference in the global temperature, and I've recently taken to wearing an extra undershirt in anticipation of the resulting cooler weather. I would like to encourage all my readers to try this chant and to wear an extra undershirt.


Anonymous said...

You are an are not Al Gore...because of MORONS like you GASOLINE COST $3 A GALLON! Go KISS Dubyas big HAIRY ASS!

7:28 PM  

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