Thursday, December 22, 2005

Susan Sarandon: Blazing Saddles

With the energy crisis we really need alternative power sources. But with Global Warming, we need to worry about warming the planet. What's why I am greatly concerned about the flatulence of our arabic brothers, Qatar, Brunei, and Bahrain. My God, 37 thousand cubic feet of gas coming out of each Qatarian? Hey, Abdul -- less humous, more Beano.

Natural gas production (per capita)
  1. Qatar 37,541.2 cubic feet per person
  2. Brunei 27,795.6 cubic feet per person
  3. Bahrain 12,929.6 cubic feet per person

    ...Oh and, whitey, less back bacon and herring.

  4. Norway 11,887.7 cubic feet per person
  5. Canada 5,694.25 cubic feet per person


Anonymous said...

You are an are not Al Gore...because of MORONS like you GASOLINE COST $3 A GALLON! Go KISS Dubyas big HAIRY ASS!

7:28 PM  

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