Sunday, December 11, 2005

Bill Clinton: Le President

Under Section 5 of Article 21-19 du French civil code, citizens of states or territories over which France has ever exercised sovereignty or extended a mandate or protectorate may apply immediately for naturalization, sans le normal five-year residency requirement.
Arkansas, where I was born, was once part of French Louisiana. OMG! As a naturalized French citizen, I could run for le presidency. Just think, I could run l'Old World and Hillary could run le New World. In France, I've heard that mistresses are required. No term limits, no mistress limits, topless beaches, le Royale Cheeseburger, nuclear weapons, and closer access to bomb yugoslavia. Hot Damn! Let's do it. Ou est mon application? Bet I can get my celebrity friends to move too. Paris meet Paris meet little Billie.

Bill, you say mistresses are allowed? Can I come too, as your VP?
Sure, Jesse! Welcome aboard the Freedom Train! Wooohoo, partay!


Anonymous said...

But what about Al and Mindy?

You're not gonna leave them?

Just say Non!

6:43 AM  
Anonymous said...

You are an are not Al Gore...because of MORONS like you GASOLINE COST $3 A GALLON! Go KISS Dubyas big HAIRY ASS!

7:33 PM  

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