Friday, December 02, 2005

Sean Penn: Paul Shore is Dead

What do Eminem, Corey Feldman, Britney Spears, the Hilton sisters, Ellen Degeneres and myself have in common? We're all gay! Just kidding. It's Pauly Shore! Pauly, put us all in his film "“Pauly Shore is Dead".” Here's what Pauly said:
"Sean Penn gave the best performance. Having him in the movie is pretty awesome because it's Sean Penn. It was just so awesome that he did that for me. He never does anything for people. I reached out to him and I said, 'Look this is a joke. You're like a huge Pauly Shore fan (in the film).' And he laughed because he knew that no one would ever think that."
I'd like to thank Pauly for this kind words, but I'd like to correct a few errors. First off, I do many things for other people. I personally saved thousands of african-americans in my rowboat during hurricane katy, as well as several Taliban members from being murdered by US Fascists, and millions of Kurds from being curdled. Fourthly, I actually am a huge fan of Pauly Shore and Reality TV, so when I saw this film's title, I thought maybe it would be a snuff film. Speaking of which, I need some blow. SeanPenn, out.


Anonymous said...

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