Friday, December 16, 2005

Susan Sarandon: Pop Goes the Weasel

Well, the results are out. The annual list of the countries with the highest mortality from acne per capita just popped, so to speak, and all I have to say to my Lithuanian, Croatian, Danish, Mexican, and German friends is: My gosh, how do you die from acne? If they start growing and growing, for Heaven's Sake, pop them before they grow the size of watermelons and the explosion kills you. Maybe eat fewer potato chips. And clean your face. Maybe invest in some Oxy 10. My gosh. Dying from acne?

Mortality from Acne (per capita)
  1. Lithuania 0.278009 deaths per 1 million
  2. Croatia 0.22242 deaths per 1 million
  3. Denmark 0.184094 deaths per 1 million
  4. Mexico 0.0282478 deaths per 1 million
  5. Germany 0.0121314 deaths per 1 million
No going to the prom for you, Ms. Lithuania.


Anonymous said...

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