Friday, December 16, 2005

Tipper Gore: Public Apology

Given Al's recent apology, and given the Holiday Spirit, I thought I'd make my own apology. I'd like to publically apologize for my mispronounciation of the fine country of Nigeria. I only wish someone would have corrected me the first time I said it. My speech to the African-Americas Alliance mentioned it 15 times. Speaking of screw-ups, I just hope Al isn't too niggardly this year with his Xmas presents. I swear, he spent too much time around that jew lieberman. Maybe I'll light Kanza candles just to piss him off. And what's the deal with that stupid dreidel.

Peace, out.


Anonymous said...

You are an are not Al Gore...because of MORONS like you GASOLINE COST $3 A GALLON! Go KISS Dubyas big HAIRY ASS!

7:29 PM  

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