Sunday, April 24, 2005

Al Gore: Drinkin'

got up early. tippur still passed out from last night's drinking. Damn, still learning how to spell my wife's name. What is up with that? Does she tip well or something? Went for jog.

secret service guys they assign me these days are the rejects from the speaker of the house detail. these guys are so fat and cannot keep up with my jogging.

Woke up with a great idea. Gore/Clinton 2008? Hmmm. He could be my biatch for once. No reason he can't be vice president.But sometimes I just want to throw it all away, go back to Tennessee and run for mayor.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Al Gore: Weight

Damn, put on another 3 pounds last week.Tipper refused again to shave my back hair.
You don't have to look presidential for a cable station. You just have to look... coool. My pinky ring itches. Damn, I hate that.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Al Gore: Burritos

Damn, burritos are good! I'm not ashamed to say it. that there is good ol' boy food.Thinkin' about asking people to call me President Gore rather than vice-president. Nothing ticks me off more than being called Senator. It's like Junior. I hate being Junior. Tipper brings that out when we have fights. Damn.Look at this. Damn. A new study shows that the replacement for airconditioning fluid is even worse than the original cfc. Oops did I screw up. Am I really an environmental wacko? Is it wrong to love nature? No!"Saw some fine looking trees on the way to work today. Probably shouldn't write that.Dukkakais invited me fishing. Damn Greeks and their fishing. Maybe it'll be good for me though.Maybe Mondale could come too. I hear his daughter is single. Probably shouldn't write that.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Al Gore: Daily Musings

Saw a picture of my daughter in magazine. She's cute. I probably shouldn't write that. Speaking of which, Bill's face is more red then ever! Har har! I told him that pot would help but he refuses. Got up, gave my dog Chad a kick. Packed my suitcase. I'm going next week to fly down the Florida. Continuing my quest to interview each voter to get an accurate vote. America deserves no less.